Monday, June 25, 2012

Dreamless by Josephine Angelini

Dreamless resumes where Starcrossed left off.  Hector is now an outcast and cannot interact with his family without the furies trying to make them kill one another.  Lucas and Helen are still under the false impression that they are cousins and are struggling to suppress their feelings for each other. 

Helen is descending to the underworld each night with hopes of finding the furies and putting an end to the blood debts, which have been plaguing the Scions for ages.  It is even more important to her now that she has seen first hand the impact the furies have had on Hector and the rest of the Delos family. She is determined to fulfill her obligation as the Descender, but it is taking its toll on her physically and mentally.  She is alone in the underworld and wandering aimlessly.  Even though Casandra, the Oracle, is trying her best to research history, they can't quite determine how to bring happiness to the furies. 

One evening, she encounters another person while in the underworld.  She later finds out that Orion was sent by her mother to assist and protect her because he, too, can descend into the underworld.  This is where the love triangle comes into play.  Lucas and Helen are adamant about their need to move Josie has to throw a hot guy, the descendant of Aphrodite, into the mix.  I really enjoyed this new character, but I am still TEAM LUCAS 100%. 

I enjoyed how Josie gave Claire and Matt, Helen's long time BFFs, a larger role in this book.  I am excited to see how their relationships and roles within the Demigod world will continue in Goddess, the final book in this series.  There were a lot of new Gods, Goddesses, and mythological creatures mentioned throughout the book.  I actually found myself at Barnes and Noble one afternoon browsing a National Geographic book on Greek Mythology in order to get a better understanding of all of the characters. Josie did a REMARKABLE job of weaving Greek Mythology throughout the story without overwhelming the reader.  She has set up an explosive conclusion to this series, which is scheduled to be released in May of 2013.


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  2. I just can't figure out how these YA authors create all of these story lines. I did enjoy all of the Greek Mythology that was incorporated into this book. The one thing that i can not understand is how Daphne could lie to her daughter. Not acceptable!! I hope that she corrects this in the next book.

    1. Josie has implied in a few tweets/blog posts that this miscoception will come to light in the last book. I thought for sure they would have figured it out at the beginning of book 2.