Friday, August 31, 2012

Two for the Dough by Janet Evanovich

Our favorite bounty hunter, Staphanie Plum, is back in action in this sequel to One for the Money.  She is now after Kenny Mancuso, a local boy from "the Burg" who is none other than Joe Morelli's cousin, who skipped bail and is tormenting his long time friend Spiro.  Kenny is accused of shooting another friend, Moogey Bues, in the knee. Moogey turns up dead shortly after the initial shooting and now Kenny is nowhere to be found.  Joe is also working on an investigation that involves Kenny, so Stephanie and Morelli become an unofficial team once again.

This book was released in 1996 and contains a lot of old school references, which I found to be very amusing.  She has an answering machine, a "car phone", Walkman, Doc Martins, watches movies on a VCR, etc.  The one liners between all of the characters along with the strange happenings scattered throughout the story had me literally laughing out loud.

One of my favorite characters is Stephanie's Grandma Mazur.  I don't know anyone who spends as much time at funeral homes as she does.  Most people dread going to the funeral home, but Mazur is constantly checking the obituaries to find her next big outing.  The events that unfold every time she is at the funeral home are hysterical to say the least.  Spiro is the step-son of the owner of the "best funeral home in the Burg" according to Grandma Mazur.  While Spiro is a bit of a creeper himself, he is really given a run for his money with Grandma Mazur and "Crazy Kenny" hanging around. 

I actually liked this book better than One for the Money.  Stephanie is still relying more on luck than skill when it comes to her profession, but she is definitely showing signs of improvement.  The relationship between Morelli, Ranger, and Plum continues to develop and really strengthened this story.  I will definitely continue with this series. 

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