Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Selection by Kiera Cass

The Selection was a little confusing for me at first.  The first few pages refer to people as a number.  America is a five, Aspen is a Six, etc.  I quickly discovered there is a caste system within Illea, a post World War 3 futuristic America, and the lower the number the higher your status. 

At the beginning of the story we meet America and Aspen, who have been secretly dating for the past two years.  They are planning on getting married, but this is a big no no since they are not from the same caste.  Her parents will most likely not approve of someone from a lower caste and Aspen doesn't feel that he can provide for her.

This is when the letters announcing The Selection arrive.  Prince Maxon is now of age and would like to find a wife and future queen of Illea.  Every eligible woman within a certain age range can enter a lottery to be selected as the candidate from her region.  Aspen talks America into signing up for The Selection because he truly wants her to have a better life.  America agrees because she feels the chances of her being selected are one in a million.  Once she is not selected, she plans on marrying Aspen.

Of course...America is selected.  She is soon living at the palace with 34 other contestants competing for the Prince's affection.  It was very much like the bachelor, but America and Prince Maxon soon develop an unusual friendship given the circumstances.  She slowly realizes that her feelings for Maxon may be more than just friends and she is emotionally caught in a love triangle.  She needs to sort out her feelings for Aspen and Maxon and decide what is ultimately best for her. 

The royal family and Illea are under rebel attack, so there is an element of danger which comes with being one of the royals.  There is another twist that develops involving Aspen, which complicates issues even further for America.

I have to admit...I am 100% Team Maxon.  He is very sweet and not at all what America or I anticipated his character would be like.  While the selection is all about Maxon selecting a wife, I think the selection will ultimately come down to America selecting a husband.  If she doesn't end up choosing Maxon, I will be crushed.  She can relate to the people, has already provided Maxon with sound advice he has used to run the country, and will make an AMAZING queen.  Much like Princess Diana, she could be the next People's Princess. 

The Elite, the second book in this planned trilogy, is scheduled to be released April 23, 2013.  I am ecstatic about this because I will be able to get a signed copy at the RT Convention next May.  Kiera Cass was at last year's convention and will be in attendance again this year.  After reading The Selection, I can't believe I passed up the opportunity to meet her last year.  I certainly will not make this same mistake twice. 


  1. FYI, you MUST get me a signed copy of The Elite at RT!!!
    (Thank you :)

    1. Considering the lengths you went to for my signed copy of The Unbecoming and all of the Noah swag....I'm certain I can make this happen :)

  2. Team Maxon too! Loved this Book!