Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2nd Chance by James Patterson

At the beginning of 2nd Chance there is a shooting outside a church near the projects, which results in the death of a 10 year old girl.  Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer and her team thought it was a racially motivated hate crime.

Cindy, the reporter in the Women's Murder Club, clued Lindsay in on the possibility that this case may be linked to another murder that occurred a few days prior in another city.  Lindsay begins looking into that case and does find a link between the two, but why would someone shoot at a church and murder an elderly black woman?  When Claire, the medical examiner, completes the autopsy on the little girl she discovers that she was not hit by accident and that they were dealing with a very skilled marksman.

Two police officers are murdered and Lindsay still has next to nothing to go on, until they discover that the symbol found at two of the crime scenes is linked to a prison gang.  They also discover that all of the victims are related to city cops, but what is the motive?

As they uncover clues and get closer to solving this case the murderer selects victims that are increasingly closer to Lindsay.  I thought the mystery was very gripping and the interactions  between all of the members of the murder club were very realistic and entertaining.  We also get to see more of their personal lives in this book in addition to all of their professional interactions.

The one thing that did bother me about this book is the fact that Lindsay seems to take unnecessary risks in the line of duty.  I understand that she is trying to do her job and wants nothing more than to get this creep off the streets, but I don't think ANY cop would have put him/herself in some of the situations she did.  It seemed a bit unrealistic and extreme to me.

I was definitely surprised by who the murderer ended up being and how all of the cases were linked.  This is a very fast paced book and there are a lot of unexpected twists that I did not see coming.  If you enjoy murder mysteries, this is an excellent series.

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