Friday, December 21, 2012

I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

I recently let a friend of mine borrow my copy of this book because I thought he could benefit from the message it contains.  I use the term borrow loosely because I actually gave it to him as a pre-Christmas gift with the following instructions.  "Please read this book and return it to me.  If you can tell me the take home message...I will give you your Christmas present."  I thought he would be ready to kill me for giving him such a feminine book to take with him on his family vacation, but surprisingly...he thought it was entertaining.  On top of that, he seems (at least for the time being) to have benefited from the message it contains.  We will see how long it takes him to revert back to his and Sam Roxton's old ways.

Poppy Wyatt is recently engaged, but it doesn't take her long to lose her engagement ring.  On top of that, someone swipes her cell phone.  Now she has no way of being reached if someone does find her ring.  Just when she thinks things can't get any worse, she finds a cell phone in the trash and the story takes off from there.

Poppy begins corresponding with the owner of the cell phone Sam Roxton, who is a marketing executive.  We quickly learn from their texting and e-mail styles that these two characters are polar opposites.  I found it very interesting how comfortable someone can be when carrying on a relationship via text, but when you put those same two people face to face...things quickly become very awkward.  It is so much easier to hit send than it is to talk about many of the same things in person.  Why is that?  

I know this book is supposed to be a stand alone, but I think there is potential for this to become a series.  The characters are very enjoyable and I would love to find out what happens next for not only the main characters, but for many of the supporting characters as well.  It was a very light, funny, fast paced book that I have recommend to most of my girl friends.

I haven't ready any of Sophie's other books, but I plan on starting the Shopaholic series in the near future.  If you have read and enjoyed any of her other books...I would love to hear some of your thoughts and any recommendations you may have.

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