Thursday, March 21, 2013

Twisted by Amity Hope Blog Tour & Giveaway

My Review:

I have to thank Mary for hosting this blog tour and Amity for sending me a copy of the e-book.  I probably never would have discovered this book if it weren't for the tour and that would have been a tremendous loss.  This book was EXCEPTIONAL.  I'm not kidding.  I LOVED everything about it.

Maya lost her father and brother in an accident when she was eleven.  Her mother turned to alcohol and avoidance as a means of coping.  She moved Maya from the town she grew up in and they continued to move from place to place several times a year.  Maya had to care for her mother and never had a chance to acclimate to an area or develop any friendships.  She eventually moves back to her home town to live with her older sister Remy for her senior year of high school.  She is reunited with a few of her old friends, but is still struggling with the numerous losses she has experienced in her life.

Shortly after moving into town, she is involved in an accident of her own.  A boy her age helps her and she wants to return the favor.  She eventually finds out who  he is and the story behind him.  It seems like the entire town continues to punish him for something he had no involvement in, so Maya takes it upon herself to become his friend.  He is very reluctant, but she eventually cracks his protective layer. 

There is a companion novel coming out this spring, which will be told from Phoebe's point of view.  I can't wait to hear more about Ben, Maya, Phoebe, and Henry in Tempted.  I absolutely loved their characters and I'm looking forward to what will hopefully be happier times for them.  Maya and Ben went through an enormous amount of heartache throughout Twisted and are certainly due.         

Twisted Overview:

Maya Anderson has faced more than her share of tragedy and heartbreak. For the past six years she’s constantly been on the move with her mom. When another disaster strikes, she finds herself back in her childhood hometown of Beaumont, living with her older sister for her senior year.
A chance meeting reacquaints her with Ben McCaffey, a long-forgotten classmate from her past. After the death of his girlfriend, Ben has become a social outcast. He’s despised by some and feared by most.
Determined to become Ben’s friend, Maya begins to break through his layers of emotional protection. It isn’t long before they realize that they both have secrets in their pasts. As the line between dealing with grief and struggling with a desire for revenge begins to fade, the secrets that draw them together may be what will ultimately tear them apart. Because the closer Maya gets to Ben, the more dangerous her situation becomes.
About the Author:

I live in Minnesota with my two sons, two cats and our Rottweiler named Daisy.
 I have been a book-addict my entire life. I have always enjoyed reading and writing stories just for fun. In 2012 I decided to try self-publishing. To my delight and dismay, my debut novel took off. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to write full-time.
 If I'm not writing or spending time with my kids, I'm most likely reading.
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