Monday, April 8, 2013

Requiem by Lauren Oliver

You all know that we Book Nerds like to select teams.  I was on Team Alex after Delirium.  Then I was on Team Julian after Pandemonium.  I was conflicted for most of Requiem, but I did settle on a team by the end.  I can't think of another series in which I bounced around like this.  I usually find my Edward and stick with him throughout the series.  No way would I join Team Jacob just because Edward I have to give Lauren Oliver credit for creating two amazing characters both Lena and I couldn't help but love.

This book has duel narrators like Pandemonium, but I enjoyed it considerably more than the Then and Now chapters in book two.  Each chapter in Requiem alternates between Lena and Hana's story.  We get to experience life both inside and outside of Portland.  We get see what life is like for not only the invalids working with the resistance, but also the cureds.  I was just as enthralled with Hana's story as I was with Lena's and couldn't believe how the two stories ultimately came together.     

By the start of Requiem, Hana has been cured and is getting ready to marry her "match" Fred, who will be sworn in as Mayor shortly before their wedding.  He is working tirelessly to strengthen the borders and fight the resistance.  Hana is conflicted about what she should be feeling after her procedure.  While she feels different, she is still having dreams and feelings about the past...which cured aren't supposed to have.  Did the cure work? Is she defective? 

I was very surprised by many of the events that transpired in this book.  There is loss and struggle on both sides of the fence.  Neither side is perfect, but they are both fighting for what they believe in.  I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't more closure to this series.  The ending was a bit abrupt and there were a lot of loose threads.  I was left thinking, really??? That is the end?  Am I missing a chapter???  I guess this is Lauren's way of keeping everyone happy.  We can all write our own perfect ending. 

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