Friday, April 26, 2013

Sever by Lauren DeStefano

I was nervous about starting Sever after having a so so opinion of Fever.  It definitely had middle book syndrome and I did not care for some of the events that took place.  Sever on the other hand, was equally as good as Wither if not better.  I actually considered giving it 5 stars but ultimately settled on 4. 

I enjoyed having Linden and Cecily back in the story.  While Vaughn is still conducting his research and influencing the lives of his son and his wives, Rhine starts to appreciate what Vaughn is trying to accomplish.  He has already lost one son to the virus and he will do anything necessary to save Linden. 

Once Cecily and Rhine help Linden see how he has been manipulated by his father all of his life, he begins to stand up for himself and his family.  He moves them to his uncle's house where they feel it will be safer.  He then offers to help Rhine find her twin brother.  I never imagined we would end up back at the "carnival", but there was a very interesting twist to the story that included Madame.  The story came full circle and I now appreciate that portion of Fever.

We can't forget Gabriel, but he has a minimal part in this story.  As far as Rhine is aware, he is still back in New York at Claire's orphanage and likely thinks she is dead.  In addition to finding her brother, she needs to get back to New York to find Gabriel.

I was stunned by the last 70 pages of this book.  I don't want to give away any spoilers, but I never imagined Lauren would take the story down the path she did.  I am not one for crying over books...well, with the exception of when Edward left in New Moon and there were numerous times Logan Keeley got the better of me...but that is about it.  I have to admit, I got a bit choked up over a few pages in the latter part of this book.  While I wish one scene could be altered, I understand why it had to be.  It impacted all of the events at the end of the book and is what ultimately provided a sense of closure and freedom for all of the characters.  Overall, I felt this was a very satisfying end to the trilogy.      

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