Thursday, October 3, 2013

Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter

Perfect Scoundrels is the third book in the Heist Society series and is definitely my favorite so far.  First, I will start with the cover.  We have been able to see what Kat looks like from the very beginning, but we get our first glimpse at Hale...who I absolutely love.  The only problem is...we have learned from the very beginning of this series that what is shown in Kat's glasses is what they need to steal.  Book 1 she sees a painting, Book 2 it is an emerald, but how can Hale be the mark?

Towards the beginning of the book Hale's grandmother passes away and he inherits Hale Industries, passing over his father W.W Hale the fourth, even though he is a minor.  From the time the will is read, Marcus believes the will was tampered with and Hazel's wishes are not being carried out.  Kat doesn't want to hurt Hale, but she believes Marcus and takes on the job of finding the real will.

Kat and Hale later discover that Hale Industries has been working on a prototype of a new energy product that should generate a fortune for the company.  The problem is, someone has stolen it and the plans and replaced it with a fake.  As Hale begins to spiral out of control, Kat realizes that successfully completing this job is not just about saving Hale Industries, but Hale himself.  If she wants to save the boy she loves, she needs to complete the biggest job of her life.

This is the first book in which we get to meet Hale's family.  Every family has its secrets, but the Hale's appear to have more than most.  It doesn't take long to discover why Hale didn't really fit in and fled with Kat two years ago.

There will be a fourth book in the series, but it is currently unnamed and doesn't have a scheduled release date.  If it is on schedule with the prior release dates, it should come out around February 2014.  With the release of the final Gallagher Girls book earlier this month, Ally announced that she is currently working on a new series titled Embassy Row, which will come out sometime in 2015.  Hopefully there will still be plenty of additional Heist Society books in the future as well.


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