Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Creativity Corner: Go Bucks!!

My 10 year-old son, Preston, is very crafty and enjoys all forms of art.  I decided to start this Creativity Corner feature as a way for us to look back on our projects while sharing ideas with others.

Last weekend my husband and I hosted an Ohio State vs. Michigan party.  I decided to share the Brutus the Buckeye cake and Finger Jello Preston and I made.  Both were a huge hit with the kids and adults in attendance.

I purchased the silicone cake and muffin pans from a local store a few years ago, but they can be found on Amazon by clicking on the attached links.  If you use a little cooking spray your cakes, muffins, brownies, or jello will come out of these pans beautifully.

I lightly rinse the jello before serving to make sure there isn't any residual cooking spray left on the final product.  

Go Bucks! My Brutus cake for the OSU vs. Michigan game.:

Brutus finger jello for the kids. OSU vs. Michigan party!:

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