Monday, August 5, 2013

Music Monday: New Kids On The Block

I am a huge New Kids On The Block fan and went to their show last Saturday.  For those of you who aren't fans, they wrapped up their Package Tour with Boyz II Med and 98 Degrees last night.  I never think it is possible for NKOTB to top their previous tour, but after 25 years they were better than ever.

Here is a video of their finale when they were in Boston a couple of months ago that I found on YouTube.

Boyz II Men performed Motown Philly as their finale.

Here is 98 Degrees performing I Do (Cherish You), which is my favorite song that they performed.


  1. Love it! The Package Tour was great!!

    1. I was shocked by how few 98 degrees songs I knew. I knew all of the songs Boyz 2 Men played and of course NKOTB, but I only knew 3 of the 98 degrees songs.