Monday, January 5, 2015

Marathon Monday: First Run - Burlington, VT

My husband, his twin, and my nine year old son (Preston)  had a healthy start to the new year.  They ran in the Burlington, Vermont First Run on New Years day.  It was a 5K fun run, so it didn't have chip time, but Preston's time was 30 minutes flat according to when he crossed the finish line.  He didn't start at the beginning of the pack, so his official time would have been in the 29 minute range.  That is a pretty impressive run for a little guy.  
One of my favorite quotes from the day came from an older gentleman my husband overheard telling.  He was telling someone how got passed by "a kid in elf pajamas".  (There was a costume contest, so Preston insisted on wearing his new Christmas pajamas and his Keep Vermont Weird hat.  It was a great costume, but unfortunately he didn't win the contest.  

First Run - Burlington, VT
Getting ready to start the race.

Here is a video of Preston crossing the finish line.

The three finishers


  1. You have to love the story of Preston passing the guy in his elf pajamas.
    What a hoot!!

  2. Great way to start the new year. And looks like the weather was clear. But, brrr it looks so cold.