Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Review: United We Spy by Ally Carter

United We Spy (Gallagher Girls, #6)

United We Spy is the 6th and final book in the Gallagher Girls series.  The Circle members have been after Cammie for the majority of the series, but their identities and motive have always been a mystery.  Now they are on the verge of starting another world war, so time is running out.

The Gallagher Girls and Zach can't rely on the CIA, MI6, or any other government agencies because someone is leaking information to the Circle from the highest levels.  Fortunately, they have the unlimited resources of Macey McHenry's family.  Their private jet comes in handy on more than one occasion and Macey has a few other tricks up her sleeve.  With a genius like Liz on her team and some of the best trained spies in the world as her best friends, Cammie sets out to complete a mission that has been escalating for generations.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the conclusion of this series and my time at the Gallagher Academy.  From the castle like stone building to all of the secrets it contained, this was a very unique setting for an action packed and highly entertaining series.  With the girls graduating from high school and moving on with their careers, we can only hope their most dangerous mission is now behind them.


  1. I've sometimes heard of this series, but yours is the first review I've ever read. You've really got me interested now!!! I didn't realize it had such a mysterious story behind it. I'll add the first book to my Goodreads shelf, so I'll remember to read these sometime soon.


    1. I hope you enjoy the series when you have a chance to read it. I went to an all girls school, so I could definitely relate with it.