Monday, November 5, 2012

Second Chance by Katie Kacvinsky

I have read and LOVED all three of Katie Kacvinsky's novels.  Awaken, First Comes Love, and now Second Chance.  If you have not read her books, you are without question missing out.  I am not over exaggerating.  I included her as one of my top 5 favorite authors in a post for Book Nerds Across America a couple of months ago and she did not disappoint with her latest work.

When I started Second Chance, I was under the impression this would be the final book in the series.  First Comes Love was supposed to be a standalone novel, so I never imagined it would turn into a trilogy. The story was not taking the path I had expected, so I began to panic.  This could NOT be happening.  I immediately jumped on-line and found out there will be a third and final book in the Dylan and Gray series titled  Finally Forever.  With this information, I could take a deep breath and continue reading. Finally Forever has a ring to it that is more in line with what I was expecting.

Second Chance is an emotional roller coaster for Dylan and Gray as they work through their personality differences.  They are clearly in love with each other, but Gray does not want to get hurt by Dylan floating in and out of his life.  In my opinion, Dylan is very short sighted and does not see the effects her traveling has on Gray.  When she began to realize it; however, she changed in ways that were detrimental to her own well being and I began to feel sorry for her.  She was no longer the free spirit Gray fell in love with.  

I absolutely love how Katie changes the narration between Dylan and Gray, so we get to experience the story from both of their perspectives.  I am amazed by how realistic her dialogue is from both the male and female perspectives.  When we are listening to a group of college baseball players carrying on a conversation it is just as believable as listening to Dylan's thoughts and conversations.  There were so many AMAZING quotes scattered throughout this book, but I will only share a few.

For my fellow Book Nerds: "Relationships aren't like library books. You can't just check people in and out whenever you feel like it." - Cat to Dylan

"You need to fall apart once in a while before you understand how you best fit together." -Dylan

"Aren't the things you work the hardest for, the sweetest victory in the end?" - Dylan

Katie hit another home run with Second Chance.  Dylan and Gray are exceptional characters and I encourage everyone to read this series.  I will be anxiously awaiting the release of Finally Forever, which Katie hopes will be out next fall.  For the next year, I will envision Gray making the Pros and Dylan traveling the country with him.  This would be the ultimate win/win.  I have no idea if that will really happen, but that is one way I could see these two reaching their happily ever after. 

For more information about Katie Kacvinsky, you can check out her website

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