Friday, May 9, 2014

Review: Finally Forever by Katie Kacvinsky

Finally Forever is the conclusion to the First Comes Love trilogy, but it can also be read as a standalone novel.  Like the previous books in the series, it is told from both Dylan and Gray's POV.

 Dylan is a free spirit who enjoys traveling the world as a photographer.  Gray is the star pitcher for his collegiate baseball team.  When their paths intersect they have an undeniable attraction and electrifying romance.  They are without question the love of each others lives, but is love enough?

Throughout the series Dylan and Gray have matured and are finally realizing what is most important to them.  While Dylan always thought her life would be fulfilled by her next destination, she has discovered over the years that all roads lead back to Gray.

When Dylan surfaces out of nowhere after fifteen months, Gray is reluctant to give her another chance.  The imminent birth of Dylan's nephew and her unreliable transportation force them to continue their journey together.  He is still in love with her, but his heart can't take losing her again.The situation was extremely awkward for both of them in the beginning, but their final destination is someplace neither of them ever anticipated.

I've loved these characters and their story ever since I received an ARC of First Comes Love.  Their journey has been anything but easy and was heartbreaking at times.  When the final chapter came to a close, I finally felt satisfied.  This was the ending I had been hoping for from the very beginning.  I can't thank Katie enough for continuing this series and allowing her fans the opportunity share in Dylan and Gray's adventure.

Finally, Forever (First Comes Love, #3)

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