Monday, July 28, 2014

Marathon Monday: Day 1 of my 12 Week Half Marathon Training Schedule

I've officially completed my 12 week 5K training program and 4 weeks worth of a 10K training program.

I am now 12 weeks away from race day for the Columbus Half Marathon.  I have another 5K scheduled for later this week, a quarter marathon in August, a 4 miler in September, and the Half Marathon on October 19th.

Below is what I have to look forward to.  On the plus side, today is an off day :)

Week Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat  Sun
July 28 - Aug 3 Off Fartlek (4M) 4M 4M Off 3M 6M
Aug 4 - 10 Off Fartlek (4M) 5M 3M Off 3M 7M
Aug 11 - 17 Off 4-5 Hills 5M 3M Off 3M 6M
5K-10K pace
Aug 18 - 24 Off 3-4 Long Hills 3M 4M Off 3M 8M
5K-10K pace
Aug 25 - 31 Off 5-6 Hills 3M 4M Off 3M 7M
5K-10K pace
Sept 1 - 7 Off 3 x Mile 4M 6M Off 5M 9M
5K-10K pace
Sept 8 - 14 Off 3 x Mile 3M 5M Off 3M 7M
5K-10K pace
Sept 15 - 21 Off 6 x 880s 5M 6M Off 5M 10M
5K-10K pace
Sept 22 - 28 Off 6 x 880s 4M 7M Off 3M 10K Race
5K-10K pace
Sept 29 - Oct 5 Off 4 x Mile 6M 7M Off 6M 12M
5K-10K pace
Oct 6 - 12 Off 5M 5M 8M Off 3M 8M
Oct 13 - 19 Off 5M 5M 8M Off 3M RACE DAY


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    1. Thanks!! This looked a lot worse 4 months ago when I first started training. Now that I can comfortably make it through 6 miles, I think I will make it.